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It's 1563...ish, and Anny Chapman wants to get pregnant. No wait, Anny Chapman is supposed to want to get pregnant, or else she could be tried as a witch. Problem is, Anny Chapman has never… had… an orgasm? And everyone of the time knows a husband and wife must both do such a thing in order to conceive. As secret fertility treatments from the local alewife, Besse, births an unexpected love between them, the world outside threatens to knock down their door. Meanwhile, the second coming has arrived. It's the Virgin Mary, and she wants her autonomy back. A dark comedy, a love story, a ritual, a spell; Witch Play searches for all the places our pleasure may go, after we’ve chosen to unleash it.

Selected: Great Plains Theatre Commons New Play Conference 2023 

Finalist: Soho Rep Writer Director Lab 2022-23
Seven Devils Playwrights Conference, 2023


1943. Amsterdam. The resistance. Two young girls return to their old stomping grounds, a neighborhood jazz bar now catering to the secretly jazz loving Nazi SS. The younger of the sisters, Nessa, is the lookout, the older there to seduce a Nazi officer to the woods to meet his maker. When Nessa finds herself the object of the officer’s affection, she must quickly learn how to turn herself from prey to predator in a body she is just starting to understand.

“Magical... An irresistible dance of seduction and threat.”

                                       --Theatre is Easy (A Theatre is Easy Best Bet)

Development: Planet Connections Festival Workshop Production 
Recognition: 5 Planet Connection Festival Awards, including Best Script and Best Production, 2018

Elizabeth Kensek & Erika Phoebus; Photo by Travis Emery Hackett


Nadia and Ty are best friends. And live in an abandoned fairground, under a decrepit rollercoaster. Nadia and Ty are confused. Are they really best friends, or maybe something more? When Nadia starts having flashbacks about a time before 'the grounds,' she starts to piece together the tattered truth of her buried trauma. In the tradition of Peter Pan, Kiss It, Make It Better asks one question: can growing up really mean forgetting? 

“Raw and poetic, the play falls upon you as a tsunami of engrossing pain, untamed passion, and tenderness.” On Stage Blog

Production: New Ohio Theatre (Theatre 4the People), 2016

Erika Phoebus & Brian Miskell; Photo by: Yvonne Allaway

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